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TCMA News and Updates


Thanks to all who have been leaving some great comments in the Flyers sections. Capturing some of the stories and memories behind these shows was one of the primary purposes for putting this database together, and I really thank everyone who has been contributing.

Just in case it has gone un-noticed, you can easily see which fliers have been "commented" on the main flyers page. Check back often, and help build up some threads of good TC show memories.


Small PSA that aired on MTV

Small PSA


As you may have noticed, we have been slacking a bit on updating the site. But we just got a great new set of fliers from Kris Boisoneau (formerly of Upanishad and Ladybird) for you to enjoy. Thanks Kris! Also got a cool flier from the "The Last Musical Roundup at the Hoedown" from Peter Greenburg. Thanks to Pete for passing this along, and to Jeff Marcum of Virus Productions.

In other news, we got some digital copies of some classic T.C. music, so we should be posting some of that very soon. Stay tuned.


You may have noticed things have been a little quiet here for the last few weeks. Things have been a little busy, but I plan on getting the ball rolling again here.

Saw some fantastic shows in recent weeks: Bobby Gale, The Royalty and Shim completely rocked at Ray's on Jan 27th, (I've been listening to the 4 songs available on Shim's myspace profile non-stop ever since), and Dolores, The Ruby Doe, and Schoolyard Heroes were also a lot of fun on Feb 10th. Watching Dolores set up, I'll be honest - I had no idea what I was in for. But they were a lot of fun, and got the crowd going. The Ruby Doe went "F'ing WILD", and Schoolyeard Heroes lived up to expectations.

Looks for some new additions to the flyer archive, new photos, and some new mp3's on the mp3 Blog over the weekend.


Added a few new mp3s to the mp3 Blog (be sure to check out the Savage Sun track), and a handful of new flyers. We've been getting some great comments on the flyers too, so keep those coming.


newspaper article

Big thanks to Melissa Hoyos and Rajah Bose for the writeup and photo in Friday's Tri-City Herald. We really enjoyed it.


You may notice some things have been moved around on the home page. We hope that some better organization will help you all find things a little easier. We both felt that the the homepage was just a little too text-heavy. Something about the visual balance of things didn't jive like we wanted it to. And since we are both state-certified "jive" experts, we thought we'd take the required steps to make sure our beloved website meets all current Washington State "jive" regulations. Especially before our big article in the Tri-City Herald on Friday.

Oh, did we not mention our Tri-City Herald write up? Yeah, we're gonna be famous...at least until Saturday's paper comes out. Then we have to return the corporate jet.


The TCMA was mentioned in a couple of publications recently:
Tri-City Herald: Friday, Jan 13, 2006
Reactor Magazine: January, 2006 Vol 1. No. 8 (PDF)


Added a new feature to the site. You can now leave and read comments on the tracks featured in the mp3 blog. Just click on the "Comments" link at the bottom of each post to read the comments, and leave one of your own. I look forward to hearing what people think of the tracks we have posted so far. Also, feel free to discuss things on the message boards, including which bands/songs you would like to see featured on the blog. Enjoy!


Happy New Year! To kick off the new year, we have added a message board to the site. We encourage everyone to register and participate. We also are in the process of making some major updates to the flyers section with some great new collections. We have also added some new photos, and we are in the process of designing a new area to feature some other materials we have collected. So enjoy the message boards, and have a great 2006!


Added some pictures from the concert/art show at Battelle Auditorium last Saturday. Thanks to everyone who came out and talked with us about the TCMA - we really enjoyed meeting all of you, and were really taken back by the positive response. We hope you like the buttons and stickers, and we hope to hear from those of you who mentioned that you might have additional flyers and photos for the archive. We were really excited to hear about some of your collections!

So thanks again, and congradulations to Mu Meson on a fantastic performance, and to the amazing artists who shared their work.


Brett has updated the myspace profile - it's an all- Mu Meson week! There are 3 new Mu Meson tracks, (one previously unreleased), as well as a brand new Track 4 report. It is all in celebration of the big show Mu is throwing this Saturday (December 17) at Battelle Auditorium. The show starts at 7:00pm, and will feature a 2 part set from Mu, an art exhibit featuring local artists, an informational booth from the Tapteal Greenway Association, and an informational booth from none other than the TCMA! We will be handing out TCMA stickers and buttons with a food donation (which will also get you $1 off the price of admission.)

So make sure you swing by and say hi this Saturday! Read (and hear) more on the TCMA myspace profile.


Just got home from the Crystall Skulls, Richard Swift, Car Scars show. Very cool show - all three bands were fantastic. Added the flyer to the archive as well.

Added a cool new feature to the site that I hope everyone will use, (and not abuse). You can now leave comments for the flyers. Have a good memory from one of the shows? Post a comment!

Finally, take a moment and sign up for our email list (on the right) to receieve TCMA-related news and events info.


Added some optional sorting methods to the view all flyers page. By default they are still sorted beginning with the flyers most recently added to the archive. You can now choose to sort them by "oldest to newest", or "newest to oldest", which gives an interesting view of the progression of flyer design in the Tri-Cities.

Also added a handful of new flyers to the archive.


We finally have a few new sections started on the site. Check out the new mp3 Blog and the photos sections. We also have a links page where you can have a link to your band's website listed. As always, we will continue to depend on you to help us come up with new content for the site, so start sending us those photos and mp3s. And of course, comments and suggestions are always welcome. Thanks, and Enjoy!